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Wandering into the Wedding Forest

Monday, March 19, 2012

I've been thinking for literally years of developing some wedding guest book designs. It took someone asking me to make one for them to spur me on to actually do it.  A local friend wanted something for a simple, rustic wedding, preferably with a tree design, maybe to use for photos as well.  So this is what I made for her: 

I made it with an expandable spine so that added bulk from photos won't make it splay open.  Since it grows to three inches in width, there's plenty of space to add up to 80 photographs, one on each side of the 40 heavy pages.  

The book will lay nicely flat for signing or adding photos.  I've used my luxurious heavyweight Italian Velata for the pages, all hand torn of course.  It will work great for mounting photos or writing.

The design is printed directly onto book cloth I made from simple unbleached muslin.   It has a rustic elegance that I really like.

I'm offering these made to order in my Etsy shop.  I have some other tree motifs, as well as sea shells and a few other fun things to use if a bride prefers.  You can see it here if you like.