Uncommon Handbound Books by Cindy Leaders

Open Door Coptic: Class Sample

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thought I'd post pictures of the open door coptic or triptych book I made in the class with Annie Fain Liden a couple of weeks ago. The text blocks came out a little too far apart in the middle, but other than that, it's pretty close to how it should be. The back cover is a magazine illustration and some dried leaves that have all been stitched for some continuity.


Books for Sons 2 & 3

These are the books that I made for my other boys. As it turns out, their books fit their personalities pretty well. Nate's is the old French book--kind of quirky and light. I brought home the second year of that same French textbook recently, thinking I would rebind it to list on Etsy, but Nate immediately laid claim to it, even though he hasn't written a word in the first one. Clay's is the one with the old encyclopedia illustration--a bit morose. He's science-y and wants to go into nursing, so it fits him.


Book for Sons

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One of the great joys of making books is that I finally have something that I can make for my sons that they actually like! This is the one that I make for my oldest from an old (very old) math book. He's a writer, so his is already getting full. I'll add pictures of the others another time.